Educating Our Consumers

Q:  What is Deep Sea Cleanse?
A:  Deep Sea Cleanse is an Enhanced Seaweed Cleansing Blend bringing together the raw power of the earth’s oceans and the energy and vitality of sunlight.  With Deep Sea Cleanse you can gently remove unwanted waste and industrial substances from your body.  Use Deep Sea Cleanse as part of your overall health regimen and you will restore your system balance, increase your energy and sense of vitality.

Q:  What are some of the benefits of Deep Sea Cleanse?
A:  With Deep Sea Cleanse You’ll:

Q:  What makes Deep Sea Cleanse better than other cleanse products?
A:  Deep Sea Cleanse Enhanced Seaweed Cleansing Blend is unlike all other products on the market.  Deep Sea Cleanse actually brings the elemental power of the ocean together with safe, natural, potent land based ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind formula.  Bladderwrack with fucoidan, alginic acid and fiber, Cascara sagrada, Rhubarb, Senna and other ingredients will help clear your body of the dangerous environmental substances you face every day.  Deep Sea Cleanse is one of the most gentle, yet effective natural formulas available. 

With Deep Sea Cleanse You’ll Also:

Q:  How can seaweed help me with internal cleansing?
A:  Seaweeds are harvested by cultures all over the globe for use as foods, fertilizers and medicines.  They have three compounds that make them very useful as internal cleansers: fucoidan, alginic acid and fiber. 

70% of all diseases are degenerative and tied to diet and lifestyle.  The earliest doctors actually used food to heal and so did ancient cultures.  In fact, the healthiest cultures still use food to heal and improve well-being.

Q:  Is Cleansing For Me?
A:  If you eat food, drink any liquids, breath air, live in any sort of shelter, use cleaning products, drive a vehicle or live near any place where vehicles are driven, use any sort of hygiene products, come into contact with grass or plants-then cleansing is for you.  Why?  Because all of these things have chemicals and impurities that get into your body through your mouth, nose or skin and end up in your system where a little of it gets stored every day.  It’s impossible to avoid unless you seal yourself in a bubble and even then, your bubble is probably made of plastic which is leaching gasses and chemicals into the air your breathing and your skin.  Cleansing can help you restore your internal balance and take some of the stress off your vital internal organs. 

Q:  Is Deep Sea Cleanse Safe to Take?
A:  Deep Sea Cleanse was formulated to be gentle on your system.  We recommend that you take it two to three times a week and cleanse as needed.  You can incorporate Deep Sea Cleanse into an annual, semi-annual, monthly or even a bi-monthly health routine.

Q:  Can Children Take Deep Sea Cleanse?
A:  While none of the ingredients in Deep Sea Cleanse should pose any problems to children, this product has never been tested in children so we do not recommend its use for anyone under the age of 18 years old. 

Q:  How soon will Deep Sea Cleanse work?
A:  For most people Deep Sea Cleanse will begin to work within 6 to 8 hours.  We recommend you take it with your evening meal.  Some people may take a little longer