Cleansing isn’t a dirty word.  And what’s more, the humble seaweed is the earth’s mightiest plant when it comes to cleansing.  In this day and age, really, since the dawn of the industrial revolution, we have made our world into a soup of hazardous waste and toxic chemicals.  We swim in it, eat it, breathe it, drink it, clean with it, bathe in it and wear it.  It is in our very cells.  Sure we’re working on cleaning it up, but it will be a long, long, long time before we reach a day when the world is a healthy place to live in again (if ever).  All these things build up inside.  How do you get them out?  With the help of that humble seaweed containing alginic acid, fucoidan and fiber. 

Sleep On It

It’s true, getting a good nights sleep can often depend on your body’s level of contamination.  Disruption of your body’s natural rhythms that bring you into and out of sleep can be caused by various environmental pollutants that mimic the natural cues your body gives your brain to enter the various levels of sleep.  Levels that are absolutely critical for proper health and function. 

Make Sure Your Body’s Power Plants Are Pollution Free

We’ve all read or heard about the real dangers posed by power plants that produce various forms of pollution which add to our unwanted environmental waste load.  That’s why it’s imperative that you make sure your cellular power plants are pollution free so they can operate at peak output.  Industrial and environmental waste residues built up in your system begin to affect your whole system and impair your body’s ability to efficiently create energy from the few nutrients you ARE able to get from your food.  The more waste you build up in your system, the lower your energy levels go.  Next time you wonder why you’re so tired, it may be time for a cleanse.

I Think, Therefore I Am

Mental clarity is a huge concern these days.  Alzheimer’s is in the paper and on the news every other night.  But did you know that one of the signs that you are in need of an internal cleansing is “brain fog” and forgetfulness?  All those hazardous pollutants slow down the exchange of important neurotransmitters, nutrients and oxygen to the brain cells.  The result is you don’t think quite as clearly as you could.  You forget where you put the keys.  That name stays on the tip of your tongue. 

When it’s Healthy, it’s More than a Semi-Colon

This one is a no-brainer.  Cleansing is essential for your digestive tract.  A body full of industrial wastes and environmental pollutants can impair the operation of your digestive tract and put your colon at only half efficiency.  Wastes and unwanted substances get left behind to sit in your intestines or worse reabsorbed into your system causing all sorts of problems with your other organs and systems.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…
What is your mirror showing you?  Youthful, vibrant, glowing skin and hair or lifeless, dead looking skin and hair.  Do you suffer from acne, dermatitis, eczema, dandruff and wrinkles?  These are all things that can be a result of chemical and pollutant overload.  If you take care of your skin and hair and your mirror is still unkind, then looking more than skin deep might be the answer to your problem. 

My Heart Burns For You

Occasional bouts with acid indigestion are nothing to be concerned about.  Especially if they happen after a night out at the Mexican restaurant down the road.  But if you experience heartburn weekly, or every night, then you have a problem.  When your digestive tract is over-burdened by environmental wastes, it cannot regulate the acids and bacteria in your stomach and esophagus.  In addition, the system in your body that would normally manage the muscles into and out of your stomach will not receive their messages properly.  All of this leads to a long night of misery for you.  While there are a number of causes for acid indigestion, a thorough cleansing can often deal with the residues that add to the problem.

Cleansing is a Weighty Matter

What, you might ask, is the connection between a personal cleansing and being unable to lose those extra pounds?  The answer is all those chemical substances you are constantly carrying around.  When your cleansing systems, the liver, digestive tract, kidneys, gall bladder and colon are not operating at peak efficiency, you are just not able to process the food you eat and the energy stored in that food is not used properly.  The body stores the energy as fat instead of burning it and using your already stored reserves.  When you cleanse your system and restore the balance in your key digestive and energy producing systems, you find that your body will use your food efficiently and also begin to use up the stored energy that it does not need and even better, not store away any more energy in the form of fat.